We are officially launched!

A year or two have skipped by since we were sampling the delights of Nepal, hiking boots and backpacks in tow. That’s a year or two since the Sundar Cashmere seed was first planted.

There are countless reasons we love Nepal.There’s the mind-bogglingly breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas, the hustle and bustle of the cities and a cuisine that’s as rich and fascinating as the people who live there.

However, something that really struck home on our trip was the remarkable craftsmanship on show everywhere from the heaving Kathmandu markets to the most remote villages we came across.

sundar cashmere: himalayan village

The handicrafts and clothing particularly caught our eye.

The pashminas we stock struck us immediately thanks to their vibrant colours.  They stood out from all products around them – and that’s saying something in Nepal!

Then we touched one. Immediately, we were sold.

Never had we felt something quite so soft. We had to have one (or maybe five). And we wanted to bring a bunch back for all our friends and family!

For all their beauty, the best thing about these pashminas is how they are made.

Families of craftsmen and women have been making them by hand for generations. Working with them directly supports their livelihoods.

We’re firm believers in ethical, sustainable fashion – and our pashminas couldn’t be closer to this ideal.

Now you can make one of our stunningly soft pashminas your own – all the way from Nepal with free UK delivery.

Order yours today. Touching is believing!