Shades of pashmina

I’ve just discovered a book called Miles of MAC. It explores the history and culture of MAC makeup and tells all- from the campaigns to the colours to the directors.

Mostly, it makes me want to play with the looks, lipsticks and mascaras – plus own, well, EVERYTHING. And to put it with my pashminas, in every shade.

When it comes to your face, getting what’s near it right is crucial to Sundar style. You don’t want cakey foundations, oily glosses or shadows that just won’t stay.

Which is what we’re here for really – to let you know how to style your new pashmina, from your face to your shoes – yes, you guessed it, that blog post is coming. Obviously.

It’s coming into winter so I’ll focus on heavier looks.  And because MAC isn’t everyone’s thing (a lot of their range is very matte with blood-red lips, heavy coverage and a bronze obsession) I’ll  reference some other top cosmetics brands.

With their colours tailored to a range of skintones and expert formulas, our picks are friends of every pashmina shade.

They’re all tried, tested and loved by the team so go on, make the best of your new accessory!


White scarves need gold jewellery- and a light blush and neutral mascara. Estee Lauder Sumptous Extreme Mascara in Extreme Brown is a great alternative to black and gives sleepy eyes a false-lash kick.


Our red pashmina is fabulous, sorry. It’s not only soft and flattering, but bright. Do it justice with golden eyeshadows- Bobbi Brown’s Shimmering Sands palette has been a thing for a few months and includes a stellar edit of nude shadows in grades from Wash to Sparkle.


Finally I can introduce MAC’s  Ruby Woo lipstick! Matte and highly pigmented, it’s not great with paler pashminas, but you’ll love how it pops with our Inky Black option. Perfect for a night out.


Go for pigmented glosses and eyeliners – browns and blacks.


It CAN work for you, we promise. And we’ve got a Sienna and a Peach, both waiting to find their cosmetics partners. I suggest a dark lip and Bobbi Brown’s eye palette in greys.


Barbie has nothing on the cute looks I uncovered, but I found neutrals with pale undertones complemented our pink pashmina the best.


It suits everyone, and we’ve got a pashmina for every makeup dream in this must-have colour. I use Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Ice Blue but- yes, you guessed it. Although why not try it?

As alternatives, blues go well with mauves, slate mascaras and pale blushes. Pick up NARS’s Larger than Life Eyeliner for a bit of extra drama.

Miles of Mac is available from Amazon. The looks cater for a wide range of skintones, makeup preferences – and pashmina shades!