This Christmas is an ideal opportunity for skyscraper heels. They are everywhere, from Harrods to Topshop to Yoox.

My heels rarely move from my cupboard- I’m mainly in work brogues! But they’re there, burgundy and lilac, studded and simple, the ones with huge stilettos I can’t wear and the ones I won’t without a lifestyle overhaul.

Scarves are always an option, but heels hurt. Though, try them out this season. Shoes and accessories are friends of pashminas- silky, tanned wedges with a scarf in classic chocolate brown, a thick peach wrap with ballet pumps, a flash of fuschia with strappy heels in simple navy suede.

Shoes and accessories as a (very important) entity have a blog of their own – for this one, heels are the star. Add a bright pashmina for a whole – very chic – constellation.

shoes and accessories


For me, it’s normally Sam Edelman. I have his Lorissas in STACKS but love the classic black to pair with bright accessories.


LK Bennett. Or Ferragamo. But yeah – LK Bennett. The brand has a fantastic range of accessories and heels- the Sledge and the Hazel are most flattering for the ankle and silhouette. Pick a heel height – oh, and one of their printed dresses.


The word is cringe central. The choices, however, are not – butter-soft slingbacks with pearl studs, logoed heeled boots, burgundy wedges.  New Look has an entire ‘’trend’’ feature highlighting this season’s jewelled heels and sleek slippers. And accessories to match.


Not a huge amount of love exists for this style- it’s spindly and packs a limited punch. But it can be a big part of an elegant look. Dune have fabulous laced kitten court shoes as well as a plainer style in soft candy mauve.


It’s a style more than a colour. Really, a lifestyle.  We looked no further than Office’s ‘’Super Totters’’. But engage with what else is on offer- cranberry suede is always perfect and tomato-bright leather fun to clash and play with. Wear with neutral midi skirts or black cigarette trousers, and accessorise with a pendant in a solid colour.


Come in all shades and styles. We love Nine West’s offering this season – a full range of patents, bronzes and brights. The leopard-print Margots are huge faves.

Key thought of this blog: Accessorise your pashmina with serious heels. Pairing is important. Consider why you’ve chosen THOSE heels for your scarf and how.

Think colour, length and heel height. And you’ll find your Christmas party style – if it was ever lost.