Care guide:

Cashmere is a delicate type of wool that has to be carefully handled and cared for to preserve its soft and silky finish.

We believe our pashminas are among the highest quality cashmere products available in the UK therefore it’s important to know how best to maintain and look after them.

How to wash your pashmina:

Fill a basin with cool/lukewarm water. Make sure that the basin has been properly cleaned beforehand as cashmere is prone to absorbing any dirt or odours.

Dissolve a specialist mild detergent or hair shampoo thoroughly in the water and then put your pashmina in. Wash your pashmina gently – don’t twist, stretch or wring it as this will damage the fibres. If you’re trying to remove a particular stain carefully rub soap onto the stain using a soft damp cloth. Remember the sooner you treat a stain the more effective this process will be at removing it.

A tip for making your pashmina extra soft: After washing rinse the pashmina with hair conditioner.

Make sure to rinse your pashmina thoroughly to remove all washing products.
Remember to wash your pashmina individually to avoid interactions with other colours.
Don’t hang your pashmina up to dry. The wet weight can stretch the fibres. Instead lay your pashmina out on a flat clean surface and allow it to air dry.

Even on a cool setting, machine washing can damage your pashmina. Also bear in mind that dry cleaning processes can be too harsh on cashmere so avoid them as well if you can.
If you iron your pashmina be sure to use the lowest possible setting to avoid damage.

How to protect you pashmina:

Cashmere snags, absorbs odours and attracts stains easily so it’s important to be aware of ways you can look after your pashmina.

When hanging your pashmina in your wardrobe or putting it in a drawer keep it separated from other fabrics and items with tissue paper or by keeping it in a protective bag. Your pashmina is delicate and the friction from other items can damage its fibres.
Don’t store your pashmina close to a heat source or in direct sunlight.
When you use your pashmina try to avoid wearing jewellery that might catch on the fabric and damage it, such as metal necklaces or bracelets. Rough leather bags and belts can also damage the texture of your pashmina.

Occasionally woollen products are affected by piling as a result of regular use and abrasion. It’s a common problem but when you remove the pills just pick them off by hand rather than rubbing or brushing your pashmina – that will just cause further damage.

Preventing moth damage:

Unfortunately cashmere is notoriously popular with moths who feed on natural fabrics.
When you put your pashmina away make sure that it is completely clean. Moths are attracted by dirt and residue left on cashmere.

If you are putting your pashmina away for an extended period of time we would recommend you don’t hang it (prolonged hanging may affect its shape) and instead keep it in a storage bag or garment cover. This can also help stop moths getting to it.

Periodically take your pashmina out of its container and air it as this acts as a deterrent to moths. Be sure that wherever you choose to store your pashmina it is completely dry.

For maximum protection against moths you may want to purchase some moth balls or cedar wood chips/balls which act as a deterrent. Moth repellents are also available in spray form.