being wrapped in something as soft and warm as a caress, or as silken and gentle as a cloud. The seductive sensation of cashmere on skin is something every woman can appreciate.


present a carefully selected range of finest quality pashmina scarves, hand crafted in Nepal. Sundar is the Nepalese word for ‘beautiful’ and we believe you won’t find more exquisite pashminas in the UK.


for everything from keeping out the cold on the way to work, adding a finishing touch to any outfit, or snuggling under on a long haul flight, Sundar Cashmere pashminas use a less common – and richer – blend of 80% cashmere wool to 20% silk.

This means the scarves are softer than many you will find on the high street, thanks to the high level of downy hair fibres harvested from the coats of the cashmere-producing goats which are native to the Himalayas and Nepal. Our ethically produced scarves are created by craftsmen whose families have been weaving them for generations.

Whether worn on a casual country walk, or to a formal event, the wearer will appreciate its warmth, its delicate softness, and its durability.

Wrap yourself – or someone special – in one today.