A visit to Portobello market

Portobello has always been the stuff of dreams for cashmere and scarf enthusiasts and we at Sundar have got it covered.

We use the fabric shops, food markets and scarf stalls as inspiration; cafes, gardens and spice shops to hang out at; and boutiques like Wolf and Badger and Aime that are young enough to know how to clash colours and brands in a modern, fresh way, stock the labels that matter and the styles we love.

Portobello began as a small alley, a place for traders to show crafts, antiques and handmade clothing.

Now, you’ll see women in pashminas, Breton tops with skinny black drainpipes or burnt-orange scarves with cutoffs and Timberlands, all keen to keep warm and accessorise with it.

Street style watch is always part of the Portobello experience, ideally with a cappuccino and cosy coat.

Sundar loves

INDIAN SUMMER: Your one-stop location for everything from wrapping paper to cute summer pieces . Selling everything from bath and body creams to kids’clothes to divine homeware, this boutique is arranged by range and price. We love the loose embroidered kaftans and own-brand jewellery.

THE SPICE SHOP: The bright yellow containers light up every Notting Hill home and shoppers can choose from thousands of spices, from light saffrons to rare chillies and pulses.

EMMA HOPE SHOES: We may be scarf obsessives but if we did shoes, Emma would share our vision – fun, functional footwear for the modern woman. Her colours and styles are fantastic and she stocks a range of flats and heels, from everyday loafers to going out shoes.

BRORA: Well, we are biased. Jumpers aren’t quite as good as scarves to personalise your look, but cashmere is always breathable, naturally produced and ethically crafted. The delicate fibres need proper care to keep moths and bobbles at bay and cleaning should be gentle, using lukewarm water. The team even give you a small card to tell you how to store your cashmere- this is key to save it from wear and the elements!